Why use solar power at your business?

Businesses are perfectly suited for solar power as most electricity is used during the sunshine hours of the day when solar energy production is at it’s best. Cooling requirements for businesses also increase as the day gets warmer and peak in the middle of the day. Grid tied solar power systems are ideal for commercial business as the sunshine hours overlap with energy requirements.  We design and install solar power systems from 6kW up to 500kW grid tied systems for commercial business use.

What can you expect to pay for your solar investment?

Here are some indicative prices on what you can expect to pay for a solar power system from us:

  • 6kW Grid Tied System – R 95 000 – Saves approximately R 25 000 per year
  • 10kW Grid Tied System – R 145 000 – Saves approximately R 40 000 per year
  • 20kW Grid Tied System – R 240 000 – Saves approximately R 80 000 per year
  • 30kW Grid Tied System – R 300 000 – Saves approximately R 120 000 per year
  • 50kW Grid Tied System – R 500 000 – Saves approximately R 200 000 per year
  • 100kW Grid Tied System – R 930 000 – Saves approximately R 400 000 per year


These savings are estimated and based on current standard City Power business rates for Johannesburg and can vary based on usage patterns.  Annual savings will only increase with electricity price increases.


All our business solar power systems come with an interface to see just how much power you are generating and saving as well as eco-friendly metrics like the amount of CO2 you are preventing from entering Earth’s atmosphere.


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